Weekly outline

  • March 29 - April 4

    Monday, 3/30
    • Complete the new assignments on Khan Academy by tomorrow at noon.  
    Tuesday, 3/31
    • Complete the new assignments on Khan Academy by tomorrow at noon.
    Wednesday, 4/1
    • Complete the Stoichiometry Test on Sapphire by tomorrow at noon.  Don't panic.  None of these are actually tests like you're used to thinking.  This is to show me that you're actually learning something.
    Thursday, 4/2
    • I'll be looking over your results from yesterday's assignment this morning and will post something this morning or afternoon.  Start paying attention to Microsoft Teams.  I'm getting more comfortable with it.  I combined all 3 chem classes into 1 team and added a videos tab.  See my session with Pat.  Stay tuned.
    • UPDATE: Please go to the "Videos" tab on Microsoft Teams and watch "A Few Things"
    Friday, 4/3
    • Go to Microsoft Teams and use an emoji on my message, "Let me know you're here."
    • Watch the "Balancing Equations" video on Microsoft Teams.
    • That's all for today.  Brain fried.  Enjoy your weekend.
  • April 5 - April 11

    Monday, 4/6

    • Use the link below to go to the PHET simulation, "Balancing Chemical Equations".
    • Click on "Introduction".
    • Play around with the simulator, clicking all of the available buttons.  Use each of the tools (None, Scale, Chart) to understand how they can help you balance each of the 3 given equations (Make Ammonia, Separate Water, Combust Methane).
    • Then click on the "Game" portion of the simulation and balance the equations on each level.  

    Tuesday, 4/7

    • Complete the Balancing Equations Quiz below
    Wednesday, 4/8

    • I'm getting bored and am going to try to run a live meeting on Teams at 10:00 am.  If you're bored too, please stop by and help me with the lesson.  You don't have to show your face.  I probably won't either haha.  Whatever we go over I will record and the rest of you can watch later.  I plan on going a little further into stoichiometry.  A question or two from you would help and make it more interesting to me anyway.  Hope to see some of you.
    • Watch the "Coffee and Chemistry" videos on Teams.  Had some technical difficulties so the entire discussion is broken down into 2 parts.  Will post a couple of problems to try here on Moodle for tomorrow's assignment. 
    Thursday, 4/9

    • Complete Stoichiometry Problem Set 1 for Monday

  • April 12 - April 18

    Monday, 4/13

    • As the problem sets here on moodle continue to evolve, we need to lay down some parameters to consider, if you want to get correct answers.  Here are a few things you need to consistently do with calculated question types.
      • The best answers to multi-step problems like we see in stoichiometry are those that do all the math at once, ppl rather than breaking it down into steps.  Since you weren't shown that in class before we left, you need to think about how your answers are being affected.  If you do a 3-step problem, for example, you get the first answer and may round, then the second answer and may round, and the final answer and may round again.  By the time you're done, your answer may be outside the acceptable amount of error because of all that rounding.  My best advice to you is be careful how you are rounding your answers as you go.  For example, let's say you do the first step of a 3-step problem and get 0.02484758 whatevers on your calculator.  You certainly don't have to use all those digits. But rounding that part of the answer to just 0.02 is going to be problematic.  In general, rounding your answers to 1 significant figure is probably a bad idea.
      • I do not plan on ever making you answer these problems based on significant figures.  But you have to use the ideas above about rounding to make sure you're getting answers close enough to what the moodle calculator is expecting.
      • Good rule of thumb: I'm inserting molar masses into these calculations with one decimal place.  You should too.
      • The default for all of these questions is to answer to 2 decimal places.  I'm going to keep it that way for now.
      • Starting to put time limits on these problem sets.  45 minutes for now.
      • All assignments are due the next day at noon, including Friday assignments, unless stated otherwise.
    • Complete Stoichiometry Problem Set 2
    • Due to power outages, we were instructed to extend today's assignment until Thursday at noon.  Therefore, there will be no assignment on Tuesday or Wednesday.
    Thursday, 4/16

    • Go to Teams and watch the video called "Stoichiometry Problem Set 2"
    • Try Problem Set 2 again to improve your score.  Assignments will not be considered complete until you get a passing score.  I changed the number of attempts to unlimited and removed the time limit to not stress everyone out.  If you already passed and are happy with your score, you don’t have to re-do this assignment. 
    Friday, 4/17

    • One thought about entering numbers into quizzes.  Above I said about going 2 decimals in your answers.  One problem is you might get an answer like 0.0179.  If you only go 2 decimals, then you would just put 0.02.  This may be too far off.  So it would be best to go at least to 0.018.  Always better to use more significant figures than not enough.
    • On the left-hand side of the page you will see a "Completion Progress" bar.  I'm still playing around with it, but ideally, you'd like to get as many green bars as possible.  Some assignments above will have a box to the right of it, which you will be able to check, which tells me that you completed the assignment.  Go ahead and check those off from the past, if you did them.  This would be for things like watching videos and reading articles.  The boxes that you can't check are the ones that you have to get a passing grade before it gets checked automatically.  Again, it's just something I'm trying out, but at the same time, if I'm not seeing most of your chart green, then it will be a red flag to me.
    • Do Stoichiometry Problem Set 3

  • April 19 - April 25

    Monday, 4/20

    • Watch the video called "Gas Stoichiometry: Equations Part 1" by clicking on the page link below.  Check the box to the right of the link when complete.
    • Get at a minimum a passing grade on the Gas Stoichiometry Problem Set 1

    Tuesday, 4/21

    • 2 simple tasks for today.  Scan or take a photo and then submit your work for your highest grade attempt for the last 2 assignments, Stoichiometry Problem Set 3 and Gas Stoichiometry Problem Set 1, using the assignment links below.  If you "no longer have the work," you'll have to write out the work for those same problems.  Handwritten proof of work will be required for all remaining assignments.  Submissions through email will not be considered. 

    Wednesday, 4/22

    • Watch the video called "Introduction to Limiting Reactant and Excess Reactant" by clicking on the page link below.  Check the box to the right of the link when complete.

    Thursday, 4/23

    • Watch the video titled "Moodle Pass or Fail?"
    • Watch the video titled "Limiting Reactant Practice Problem".
    • Complete Limiting Reactant Problem Set 1
    • Work does not need to be submitted.  But if you get a 100% in less than 5 minutes, it's a zero.

    Friday, 4/24

    • Watch the video titled "Limiting Reactant Practice Problem (Advanced)"
    • Complete Limiting Reactant Problem Set 2.
    • Work must be shown and turned in using the assignment link below.

  • April 26 - May 2

    Monday, 4/27

    • Great job on Friday's assignment.  I'm really impressed with the work that was shown by nearly everyone.  Let's see if you can complete very similar problems, but not identical to the video.  Then we can move on to the next part of this topic.  But for today, complete Limiting Reactant Problem Set 3 and submit your work.  Be sure to label all your work and show your answer, as well.  It's very difficult to see what you're doing without units.

    Tuesday, 4/28

    • Watch the video below titled, "Types of Chemical Reactions".

    Wednesday, 4/29

    • Watch the video below titled, "Classifying Types of Chemical Reactions Practice Problems".
    • Complete the quiz called "Types of Chemical Reactions Problem Set 1".

    Thursday, 4/30

    • Complete the quiz called "Types of Chemical Reactions Problem Set 2".

    Friday, 5/1

    • Play the Snakes and Ladders game.  A grade will be required to complete the activity, but not a passing grade.  This is stress-free.  The top 20 high scores will be posted.  You have as many as 5 attempts available.  The question bank is huge so I got rid of as many questions as I could, but you may need to look up a few if you get stuck.  The game is self-explanatory once you're in it.  Have fun.

  • May 3 - May 9

    Monday, 5/4

    • Watch the video, "Gas Pressure: The Basics".
    • Watch the video, "Measuring Gas Pressure and Atmospheric Pressure".

    Tuesday, 5/5

    • Watch the video, "Ideal Gas Law Introduction".
    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 1.

    Wednesday, 5/6

    • Watch the video, "Ideal Gas Law Practice Problems".
    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 2.

    Thursday, 5/7

    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 3.
    • Meeting on Teams at 2:00 to answer questions.

    Friday, 5/8

    • Watch the video, "Ideal Gas Equation: Solving for Moles".
    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 4.
    • NOTE: You will need to rearrange the equation, solving for pressure, for 2 of the problems, which hasn't been shown to you.  You can do it.

  • May 10 - May 16

    Monday, 5/11

    • Watch "Boyle's Law".
    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 5.

    Tuesday, 5/12

    • Watch "Charles' Law".
    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 6.

    Wednesday, 5/13

    • Watch "The Most Important Chemistry Video You'll Ever See".

    Thursday, 5/14

    • Watch "Gay-Lussac's Practice Problems".

    Friday, 5/15

    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 7.

  • May 17 - May 23

    Monday, 5/18

    • Watch "Combined Gas Law".

    Tuesday, 5/19

    • Complete Gas Laws Problem Set 8.

    Wednesday, 5/20

    • I planned on putting an assignment up for Wednesday, but woke up not feeling well.  And now I'm just thinking we've done enough.  Looks like a couple of you have some assignments to finish anyway.  Get everything done by the end of the week.  Great job this year.  It was an honor teaching you all.  Have a great summer!